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By visiting the NASBA website,you can learn whether you meet the education requirements needed to take the CPA Exam.Most candidates can take an Exam section with only 120 college credits,but you should verify with your specific jurisdiction.If you live outside the U.S.,NASBA’s International Evaluation Services can help you determine your eligibility.
Once you’ve determined your eligibility,it’s time to apply.Complete the application through NASBA’s CPA Central portal and submit the required documentation for verification.Once verified,you’ll receive your Notice to Schedule(NTS),which is valid for six months and allows you to schedule your CPA Exam section.
After deciding when you want to take your CPA Exam section,use your NTS to schedule your test day through Prometric.
Each section of the CPA Exam is a rigorous assessment of the minimum technical knowledge and skills required for initial licensure.You’ll take one section at a time so make sure to use all the resources and tools available to you,including the CPA Exam Blueprints and the CPA Exam Sample Tests.
You’ll have 18 months to pass all four CPA Exam sections with a minimum score of 75.The CPA Exam is administered continuously throughout the year,so this gives you the flexibility to test when it’s most convenient for you.Check our score release dates to find out when you can expect to receive your score after testing.Once you’ve passed all four sections,verify whether your jurisdiction requires a separate Ethics examination before applying for your license.
When applying for your license,verify that you have the required college credit hours.Generally,you must have 150 with a concentration in accounting.This includes 30 hours in accounting subjects and 24 hours in business administration subjects.A minimum of 15 hours must be at the upper-division or graduate level.
As for experience,all candidates for licensure must have a minimum of one year of experience(approximately 2,000 hours)verified by a licensed CPA.Your experience should include work in accounting,attestation,auditing,or taxation.It’s important to check the specific experience requirements with your jurisdiction.